Volunteers For Education

About our Volunteers

Volunteers for Education, or V4E, is a group made up our many volunteers who meet regularly to volunteer in many different ways.

  • Plan Events
  • Recruitment for classes
  • Create and implement fundraisers
  • Miscellaneous office work
  • Photography and videography for miscellaneous events
  • BOOK BRIGADE (click here for more information)
    • Collecting books
    • Sorting books by reading level
    • Putting stickers in each book
    • Walking and distributing books.
  • Attending community events
  • And more!

V4E leaders meet once every other month or according to members’ schedules and the BBB4E calendar.

V4E members can attend any V4E meeting, but do not have to. We encourage anyone who wants to get involved to attend a meeting and learn about the upcoming ways to volunteer.

Upcoming V4E Meeting

V4E meets based on our volunteers. Currently, there is no upcoming meeting scheduled. Please contact us to be on our contact list if you’d like to participate.

Join Today!

To learn about how you can volunteer, meet other volunteers, and more contact Bob Black at bbb4e@att.net or (219) 932-3232

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