Lewis Stahl

369_lewis_hul_stahlMy performance and educational philosophies have been ingrained in me my entire life through the loving and consistent support of my family, teachers and friends. I have always striven to do my best in all endeavors, being taught to never give up on my goals and my dreams. I have learned to set multiple, attainable goals that will lead to ultimate success and near perfect performances. I understand that none of us are ever truly perfect, but that should not stop us from reaching for that goal of perfection.

It is with this philosophy that I approach every goal and challenge in my life, and I believe my enthusiasm and persistence guides my teaching and motivates my students to adopt similar positive and consistent methods in all of their own aspirations. I continually share with my students how to set challenging yet attainable goals, efficiently use correct practice and study habits to strive toward perfection, and to take advantage of multiple performance opportunities that provide an arena for the culmination of their work.

I have been very fortunate that these performance philosophies have brought me much success throughout my life. In academics, sports and the arts, I have found these principles can be universally applied with great success. In academics, I love most every subject and have made sure to complete every advanced offering during my primary schooling. I have also continued to explore a diverse liberal arts education even through my advanced music degrees. In sports, I have competed in swimming all my life on regional through national levels, and enjoy all sports, especially skiing, kayaking, biking, windsurfing and running.

My music, of course, has always held a very special place in my heart. From my beginnings on drums at age 3, and through the violin and saxophone beginning in middle school, I now have been blessed with the capacity to play most every orchestra and band instrument. My performance career has immersed me in many styles, including symphonic, jazz, rock, pop, blues, multicultural and many more. During the years my performances have enabled me to see and experience much of the United States, Europe and Asia. I have had the pleasure of playing with many great performers including Itzhak Perlman, Pichus Zukerman, Yo-Yo Ma, Joshua Bell, Rachel Barton, Jean-Pierre Rampal, James Galway, Marvin Hamlisch, Manhattan Transfer, The Moody Blues, Trans Siberian Orchestra and Jimmy Page/Robert Plant.

I have loved every performance I have ever given, and my wish now is to be able to share the wealth of experience and success I have gained over the years. As much as I love performing, to me nothing has ever compared to the feelings of being able to guide and nurture students as they explore and refine the skills that will lead them to the fulfillment of their own hopes and dreams.

While it is truly a joy to bring the beauty of music to all of my students, I feel fortunate to also be able to prepare my most motivated students to enter the world’s leading music universities and conservatories if they so desire. I’ve developed and implemented music programs that have reached students from age 5 to adults, from extremely at-risk students who have never had a chance to learn music to those who have studied music from a very young age. These programs draw upon all core academic curricula, and enable students to apply their studies through the tangible world of music. I believe that these types of programs should form the very foundation of our educational system, so that all of our children may have the opportunity to achieve excellence through diligent study and application.

Music has truly been the cornerstone of my life, and I feel extremely privileged to be able to share my talents with so many students, schools, universities and audiences.

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