Core Values

Our purpose and objective as the BBB4E family is to treasure and strengthen our community,
its resources, and each other through the transformative power of the arts.
Our core values drive our constant pursuit of excellence.


Promote high performance through cooperative efforts, open communication, collective action and trust.


Demonstrate a high regard for every individual and their ideas, opinions and aspirations.


Become part of the solution by assuming personal responsibility for organizational effectiveness and take initiative to achieve results and accept accountability.


Recognizing that authentic leadership through service encourages individuals to take an active role in social transformation.


Ensuring the wise use of time, money, and resources we have been given.

Equity in the Arts

By forming partnerships, we cultivate a culture of equality and fairness where all individuals can develop to their full potential from equal access to multiple disciplines of the arts.


Within our own community, we encourage awareness of our region and its needs – through collective action we develop and implement programs that enact change.


We believe in a standard for excellence artistically, programmatically and administratively for the community, audiences and artists we serve.


Implement unique, creative and cost-effective solutions that advance our services.

Global Perspectives

By fostering a climate that welcomes diverse ideas, people and perspectives, we aim to broaden the creative process, which deepens understanding of our surroundings and of the world.

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