Stacey Burgess

Why is Books, Brushes & Bands for Education important to me? Why do I serve on the Board? BBB4E has brought to my family a community of learning, cooperation, socialization and performance opportunities that are invaluable. This gem of a resource in Northwest Indiana has nurtured all three of my children helping them become well spoken, committed musicians, responsible to fellow musicians in practice and performance. It has helped them establish friendships, excel academically and stretched their creative minds. Through the Book Brigade (a component of BBB4E) my children have been able to learn about the power of giving back to the community. In serving on the board for this great organization, I see and know its value which is one of the best gifts I can give to my children and community. I believe the lessons that all the participants of BBB4E receive, both direct and indirect contribute to the positive, confident and capable adults they are becoming.

Other Board Members

Susan Tabers


Melissa Farrell


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