Barbara Hargrove

Barb Hargrove pictureAs a teacher for most of my life, I have always valued the need to teach life skills. Every child needs to be valued; every child needs to have the tools to be successful in life so they can truly make a difference on their own. Through the innovative programs of Books, Brushes & Bands for Education, which I have been a Board member for since the beginning, I believe we have made this our mission. Every child needs to be creative, to understand the need for flexibility, to learn new skills and practice them, to work as a team, and to strive for your own personal best! Unfortunately music, and the visual arts have been put on the back burner in this present time so through our organization, we have been able to promote these values through the arts in our students and at the same time to bring together communities of families that can work to promote a legacy of the arts in very innovative and imaginative ways.
Books Brushes & Bands for Education