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We seek to strengthen cultural arts in our community.  We instill a sense in our students that literacy is the way of life and that learning to speak clearly and with purpose is the language of the market place. Additionally, it is our goal to build skill levels in our students to prepare them to compete, to contribute and to succeed in our global economy.

It is our intention to expand our band to at least 75 members and our choir of 100 voices.  These groups have the potential to form ensembles of all sorts including trios, quartets, chamber groups and a boys vocal ensemble fitted for middle and high school aged youth.

It is our hope that through our encouragement, the experiences that students encounter will reveal a path to personal self-expression.  By giving them the opportunity to create beauty in their lives and transmit that treasure to others, students will develop greater self-confidence and be encouraging of others to do the same.

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